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  • Andrew Randall

    Andrew Randall

    work= @azure, previously @kinvolkio @tigeraio @projectcalico @metaswitch | edu= oxford lyon stirling berkeley columbia | geo= berkeley berlin | lang= en fr de

  • Pinterest Engineering

    Pinterest Engineering

    https://medium.com/pinterest-engineering | Inventive engineers building the first visual discovery engine https://careers.pinterest.com/

  • Gerrit Tamboer

    Gerrit Tamboer

    Co-founder of Fullstaq, a DevOps technology specialist. https://fullstaq.com

  • Dale Bingham

    Dale Bingham

    CTO of Cingulara. Software Geek by trade. Father of three daughters. Husband. Lover of newer tech where it fits. Follow at https://www.cingulara.com/ @cingulara

  • Robert Neumann

    Robert Neumann

    Cloud Engineer | Photographer https://goo.gl/1LCMwM

  • Bhargav Bachina

    Bhargav Bachina

    Software Architect — Sharing Experiences With Examples | Frontend, Backend, Blockchain, Docker, k8s, DevOps, Cloud,AI, ML | https://www.linkedin.com/in/bachina/

  • Kim Wuestkamp

    Kim Wuestkamp

    wuestkamp.com | killer.sh (CKS CKA CKAD Simulator) | Software Engineer, Infrastructure Architect, Certified Kubernetes, Certified Symfony

  • Ankur Singla

    Ankur Singla

    Pizza Maker, Oenophile, Technologist, Volterra CEO

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